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Grain cleaner MC-4/2


Technical parameters:
The food grain processing capacity 147 bushels/hour

4 tons/ hour

Capacity by preparation of seeds 73.40 bushels/hour

2 tons/ hour

Energy consumption 2,2 kW/hour
63 in/ 1610 mm
23.6 in/ 600 mm
65 in/ 1650 mm
Weight 352.7 lb/ 150 kg
Motor power 3 hp

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The machine is powered by a high frequency steam generator. Streams of air produced by the generator flow through the machine forcing the source material, depending on its relative density, into five separate fractions allowing the fractions to settle into separate troughs.
This approach provides a high quality and multi-fractional separation of bulk material which has processing implications. The air flow, or exhaust, carries out the dust and light impurities (husks, straw etc.) and thus should be directed into a cyclone or straight to the atmosphere.

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