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General Information

  1. Versatility and Multi-functionality – Due to its high productivity and separation ability, the machine can simultaneously pre-clean, primary and secondary clean in just one process. It separates based on relative density thus the most biologically valuable, and homogenous seeds are separated into the same fraction optimising germination, improving sowing efficiency and reduce harvest losses due to simultaneous ripening. This all collaborates to improve the crop yield up to 40%. This multifunctional machine replaces 2 – 3 other machines.
  2. Absence of Damaged Grain – Damaged grain has a lower density thus the Almaz is able to separate it effectively, not just based on size. Additionally, the height from which the seeds are falling is scientifically designed to optimise the process and reduce the opportunity for damage.
  3. Low Energy Consumption – Almaz consumes 1.2kW of electricity for a 147 bushels/ hour (4t/hr) capacity to 37.25kW for 3670 bushels/hour (100t/hr)
  4. Reliability and Durability – The simplicity of design and construction, with the absence of kinematical schemes and lubrication points, ensures low maintenance and high robustness.
  5. Highly Economical – The machine does not required expensive scheduled maintenance or operational materials as there are no sieves to change or replace for each grain type. There is also no need for downtime for cleaning after each cultivar as this is accomplished with compressed air and takes only 5 – 10 minutes.
  6. Highly Technological Opportunity – Almaz has the ability to:

      – Separate up to the 6th class of wheat grains.

      – Select grains damaged by Fusarium, Vomitoxin, head blight and other fungal disease.

       – Separate the grains of wheat from wild oats, Avena fatua, and oats.

       – Separate the mixture of wheat and barley up to 60% for one operation.

       – Select peas damaged by Bruchus pisorum.

       – Separate rotten and healthy corn.

       – Provide simultaneous drying of grain up to 2% per pass.

        – Select the most viable and productive grains.

        – Select the grains of wheat with a high gluten content due to the ability of the machine to separate grains with the highest relative density and protein and gluten content.

        – Functions as a sorter in the cereal mills, separating a cereal into 5 fractions according to their size, selecting flour from the mixture. This adds market value to the product due to homogenous appearance

        – Highly versatile and able to separate many different seeds and grains, from small seeds such as Lucerne, poppy and rape to larger seeds like corn, legumes and sugar beet.

As demonstrated, the range of application of this machine is extensive and Almaz can be used for:

     – Separating the grains of all heavy and light impurities that differ from the main grain.

     – Selecting grains based on its relative density, selecting the most biological valuable grains which ensure optimum germination and result in improved yields.

      – Dividing the mixture of different grains and cultures.

       – Separating different kinds of cereal thereby giving these products a decent marketable appearance.

Its range of use in agricultural production and processing is extensive including breeding stations, seed plants, agricultural enterprise, grain storage and commercial agriculture. The aim of this machine is the preparation of high quality seeds and food grains in one processing step.

Almaz does not claim to be the panacea of grain production, but it can in many cases replace expensive, multi-machine production lines. This machine is well designed and constructed from the best quality materials and component parts ensuring excellence and longevity.

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