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Grain cleaner MC-100/70 – quote

Technical parameters:
The food grain processing productivity 3670 bushels/hour

100 tons/ hour

Productivity by preparation of seeds 2569 bushels/hour

70 tons/ hour

Energy consumption 37,25 kW/hour
99.61 in/ 2500 mm
91.14 in/ 2315 mm
109.1 in/ 2770 mm
Weight 3197 lb 1450 kg
Motor power 2 x 25 hp

Price: $56,000.00

If you need our advice to choose the right model for your unique situation, your specific commodity and production size we would be happy to discuss with you over the phone and put you in connection with farmers who already use Almaz today!

With any questions, please call 1800-272-2045, I will be happy to assist!

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Anna Smirnov


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