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            WE HAVE 6 MODELS OF GRAIN CLEANERS FROM 147 to 3670 bushels/ hour____
4-2Grain cleaner MC-4/2. The food grain processing productivity – 147 bushels/hour. The seeds processing productivity – 73 bushels/hour.
10-5Grain cleaner МС-10/5. The food grain processing productivity – 367 bushels/hour. The seeds processing productivity – 184 bushels/hour.
20-10Grain cleaner МС-20/10. The food grain processing productivity – 734 bushels/hour. The seeds processing productivity – 367 bushels/hour.
Grain cleaner MC-40/20. The food grain processing productivity – 1468 bushels/hour. The seeds processing productivity – 734 bushels/hour.
Grain cleaner MC-50/30. The food grain processing productivity – 1835 bushels/hour. The seeds processing productivity – 1101 bushels/hour.
Grain cleaner MC-100/70. The food grain processing productivity – 3670 bushels/hour. The seeds processing productivity – 2569 bushels/hour.

Presentation of Separating Machine “Almaz”

The “Almaz” machine represents a revolution in grain separating technology. The technique is based on jet stream of air and aerodynamic principles which separates source material based on relative density with a high level of precision.

This multifunctional machine separates and allocates seeds into discrete fractions from heavy impurities, such as stones and hard substances, to seeds with the lowest relative density.

The Almaz separates the source material into five fractions based on their relative density. The first fraction comprises stones and heavier impurities, the second and third fraction are the whole grains, the fourth fraction is broken grains and chaff and the fifth fraction comprises the smaller impurities. There is also an exhaust fan which rids the machine of dust and lighter impurities.

The Almaz machine is capable of processing a wide range of material

The aerodynamic separation technique employed by the “Almaz” machine based on relative density is highly effective for processing of agricultural products. This process is preferred in the field of seed preparation and food grain production.

The changes this machine has undergone regarding its working parameters and external design are aimed at improving consumer properties and quality of work, as well as improving the range of performance.

Fan powered grain cleaning modernizes the grain cleaning industry as there are no screens to deal with. No more changing or repairing screens. This gives the farmer more time to focus important agricultural issues and not on minor maintenance issues. This also ensures transitioning between crops is smooth, simple and stress free. 

The machine is capable of separating out damaged or diseased grains. If they are diseased or infected with parasites, their mass will be distinctly lower which is not recognised by screen separators. The Almaz however, discerns the lower density and will discard the diseased grain with the chaff. Color separators can also miss diseased crops if they are the same color, which the Almaz will not, ensuring that your end product is as pure as possible with the highest biological value!

Another concern with grain cleaning is the environmental impact on the process of seed cleaning itself. This system offers the opportunity to make the system fit the current need. Weather conditions such as wind, moisture levels and temperature, the state of the crop itself, be it wet, dry, damaged, diseased or healthy, and the available resources all have influence on the seed cleaning procedure. Thus, depending on the required outcome, the machines can really be customised to comply with specific conditions. This flexibility and versatility is vital in the agricultural industry where conditions are often well beyond perfect.

Almaz produces 6 generations of grain cleaners with productivity ranging from 147 bushels (2 tons) per hour to 3670 bushels (100 tons) per hour.

The “Almaz” has many advantages over conventional technology.

It does not damage the grain

It is highly energy efficient (from 1.2 KWhr to 37.25 KWhr )

It’s simple design ensures reliability and simplicity

Relatively maintenance free

Capable of production of bulk material of any level of humidity and impurity

High operating efficiency

It has high technological potential and is capable of:

Separating a mixture of wheat and barley up to 60% in just one pass

Separating out peas damaged by Bruchus pisorum

Separating 100% seeds of wheat, barley and other crops from seeds of wild oats, Avena fatua

Separating rotten corn from healthy corn kernels

Simultaneously drying seeds (up to 2% per pass)

Selecting the most viable and productive grains

Increasing the quality of the level of the grain

Working as a separator on the cereal mills

Separates any fungus: vomitoxin, aflatoxin, fusarium etc

The apparatus replaces the work of 3 or 4 other machines and can pay for itself in just one season!

Our Mission

Almaz is determined to offer the best, universal solution to grain cleaning, applying the most innovative technology to provide farmers worldwide with the best possible service and expertise in the business.

We strive to provide affordable, efficient and low maintenance technology for all agricultural applications. Whether you are a small scale organic farmer with a modest budget, or a multiple site, expansive commercial operation, we have the machine for you and your budget. We can assess your needs and current infrastructure and recommend products to complement your crop and set up.

Continual improvement and after sales service are vital to our continued success, and we ensure that you will receive the best possible support from our team.

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